Thursday, June 28, 2012

KPOP: 4minute's Volume Up MV

I know this is a lil late but I really should do a review on this song. :/ Besides, its 4minute and I have yet to do an introduction about them! :D Now, let's get started! ^_^

This was during their debut days ;)

This is during their Huh days. :) HyunA looks fantastic here btw. :)

The girls of 4minute have very similar names but they look very different from one another as each has their own charm so that's fairly interesting. :)

First off, we have the leader of the group, Jihyun ;)

Next up, we have Gayoon, the exotic beauty of 4minute and the extremely talented vocalist! :)

This is Jiyoon, 4minute's powerful vocalist! :D She normally sports a short hairdo so its easy to distinguish her from the rest! :)

This is HYUNA. KIM HYUNA. If you don't know who she is, please, please, tell me you're joking. XD Seriously! She's my bias in 4minute and this girl is smoking hot! :) I especially like her raps and her solo songs. ;)

Last but not least, we have Sohyun, the maknae of the group! :D She always had this cute image in my eyes until she started rapping in I My Me Mine and then I was like, this is 4minute's cute maknae? O_O wow, what a transformation. Well, her rap skills are great! *_*

Anyways, back to the mv, when the mv started playing and a girl was strutting her way down the hall, I was like, that must be HyunA. Indeed, I was right. X) The close up on her tattoo and the amazingly sexy turn she did definitely screams KIM HYUNA. All hail, HyunA! :) And then the really soothing tune starts playing and my anticipation grew!

Stop hypnotizing me, HyunA >_<

It started off with HyunA singing and then there was this very seductive scene of her with her backup dancers getting all touchy and my eyes went this big, O_O. No kidding. >_<

Then we have HyunA rapping as Gayoon hits a high note and it builds up to a chorus where Jiyoon takes over! :)

I wasn't a big fan of this song at first but yes, like all songs do, it grew on me. ;) I liked how 4minute kept their style just like how INFINITE kept their signature style with 'The Chaser' This song really shows the maturity of the girls progressing from teenage girls into elegant ladies ;)

I've been listening to 4minute from their debut days so I must say, I liked their progress from day 1 up until now. Their comebacks has thus far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to more of their comebacks! :)

All in all, I liked this song a lot and I would highly recommend this song to any 4minute fan! ;) This is definitely a must listen track for any 4Nia! :D

Last but not least, here's the music video for you beautiful people to watch! :)

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