Thursday, May 31, 2012

KPOP: Honey thighs

Honey thighs. As a Kpop fan girl or fan boy, these terms would be very familiar to your ears. There are many female idols that are known for their very beautiful honey thighs, so yeah, let's take a look at a few, shall we? :)

After school's UEE

Girls' Generation's Tiffany

Secret's Hyosung

2NE1's Bom

4minute's HyunA

Sistar's Bora

I'm sure these pictures were a pleasant eye candy to everyone, including me. :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I love food. Food loves me. It's a mutual relationship and it's a healthy one too. :D I happen to come from a place where tasty food is available at just about everywhere and anywhere! *_* I ain't even kidding, ya know? So here are some of my favorite food that I love to eat on a weekly basis. These are just the first few ones so do look out for the next upcoming batch! :)

This is the infamous dessert available in my hometown which is simply known as Cendol. It is a tasty dessert consisting of shaved ice with thick brown sugar and also cendol which are the green ones you see underneath the huge shaved ice.

This is simply fried noodles and the taste varies from different styles of cooking so it truly depends to the kind of preference you have. I like mine really spicy and hot. :)

This is chicken rice balls which are my favourite and I like this one best because the chicken is tender and juicy unlike some that are dry and bland in taste. The rice balls are also yummy and though the portion looks small, oh well, you can always ask for a second serving. :P

This is known as dried chili chicken rice. You get the idea right? The chef takes some dried chili and fries it with diced chicken cubes and adds some spring onions and seasonings. This eventually thickens up to become a thick sauce. At the end of it all, you get one very delicious meal! Yum yum!

This lovely small biscuits are known as "siew paos" and are normally filled with chicken, green peas and they are crunchy on the outside, yet tender on the inside.

Are any of these delicious food one of your favorites as well? :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

KPOP: Chocolate abs

Now, as a Kpop fan girl, you would notice how male idols are all hitting the gym and having a six pack isn't so special anymore. Honestly, it really isn't. At least in Kpop, that is. In South Korea, six packs are affectionately known as chocolate abs. ;) In fact, in every male idol group, there is bound to be a member who has a nice pack of abs.

Don't believe me? Okay, let's check them out, shall we? ;) Do take note that I'm only showcasing one member from every group to prove my theory! :D Obviously, there are more than one member in a group with a nice pack of abs but oh well, let's not be greedy now. :P

DBSK's Uknow Yunho

Super Junior's Siwon

SS501's Hyunjoong

Big Bang's Taeyang

U-kiss's Kiseop

SHINee's Minho

2am's Seulong

2pm's Taecyeon

Beast's Gikwang

MBLAQ's Lee Joon

Ze:a's Dongjun

Dalmatian's Simon

Infinite's Woohyun

EXO-K's Kai

MYNAME's Insoo

8eight's Lee Hyun

Ex 2pm leadja, Jay Park


Theory proven? X)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

KPOP: G.NA & HyunA

I decided to put the spotlight on these two talented artists today. If you're an avid fan of either artists, you would notice that these two ladies had collaborated for a commendable number of times. They are close as well and both are extremely gorgeous!

You see, G.Na was HyunA's backup dancer when HyunA was promoting her first solo single, Change.

Nobody really knew until word got out a new female solo artist was going to debut from CUBE Entertainment. But yes, Cube Entertainment has a knack for letting their trainees feature in their artist's music video. Just like how the rest of the Beast members were backup dancers for AJ/Gikwang when he was still a solo artist. They appeared in his Dancing Shoes music video back then.

G.Na's debut single is one of my favourites! If you haven't heard it, oh well, you better go check it out now! And with her impending comeback, she has also released an English version for the very popular song as well.

They collaborated for HyunA's solo album and also for G.Na's album as well. :)

This is titled A Bitter Day and yes, Beast's Junhyung was also featured as well.

This is titled Say You Love Me or otherwise better known as Together Forever where HyunA rapped while G.Na handled the vocals effortlessly. ;)

To be really honest, HyunA needs no introduction. I'm pretty sure her famous Bubble Pop music video is well known around the world. *chuckles* And yes, I'm a huge fan of HyunA.

Though I have to stress that I very much prefer HyunA being a blondie. :) This was when 4Minute was promoting I My Me Mine ;)

HyunA is definitely one of my biases and I look forward to seeing a different side of her should she release another solo song. Perhaps a more sophisticated and elegant side of her? And perhaps a rap song as a title track? I need more of HyunA's wonderful rapping! *_* I always liked her best when she raps. It's her charm and that what makes her one of the top 10 on my bias list! :)

In conclusion, I hope they would have more collaborations in the future and if you haven't checked out G.Na's 2HOT music video, please do so! *_* 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

KPOP: T-ARA's Impending comeback!

If you don't know already, I'm a huge fan of T-ara. Yes, I love these girls like a lot. I have all of their albums and they are my favourite girl group right next to Girls' Generation. With their impending comeback and an addition of two new members, I decided to put the spotlight on the gorgeous T-ara ladies.

Now, as a long time fan, I have watched T-ara switched members, leaders and concepts and it's safe to say that its one interesting experience if you happen to be a Queen's. That's the official fanclub name by the way ;) You would also notice that among the 7 of them, these three members were heavily promoted and that is none other than Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon.

Eunjung is currently on We Got Married with her fellow onscreen husband, Lee Jang Woo and has starred in many music videos in the past. She also acted in Dream High with other famous idol actors. She is a child actor and has a very distinctive voice so its hard to not recognize her voice when she sings or rap in T-ara's songs. :) She also happens to be my favourite T-ara member ;)

Eunjung's onscreen husband, Lee Jang Woo who also happens to be the current mc for Music Bank alongside Afterschool's Uee.

Hyomin has very distinctive features and sings and raps as well for T-ara. She was also an ulzzang before due to her extremely good looks. ;)

Hyomin's predebut photos ;) Pretty no?

If you don't know who is Jiyeon, then I suggest watching Dream High 2 immediately. Jiyeon is the face of T-ara and is known to have a low husky voice. Due to her striking resemblance to actress, Kim Tae Hee, she gained much interest when T-ara first debuted. She has also been on the show Heroes alongside with solo singer, IU.

Here's a lil fast recap of T-ara's debut up till today. If you're a new fan, this would be interesting for you to read. If you aren't, oh well, no harm checking them out once more no? X)

When T-ara started, there were 5 of them. In fact, their somewhat debut song was solely focusing on their vocals and I was honestly surprised by each member's talented voice. Each member could sing very well and they complimented one another beautifully.

From left, Hyomin, Jiwon, Jiyeon, Eunjung and Ji Ae. When they first started out, Ji Ae was the leader.

This song was for a drama soundtrack and as I was anxiously awaiting for their debut single, news got out that Ji Ae and Jiwon had left T-ara and that three new members were going to be added. This got me amused. They had already switched members even before debuting! I was then very curious to see who were the new additions. Then the new members were introduced.

First, its was cute and tiny Boram,

If you find it hard to distinguish Boram among the T-ara members, just look out for the smallest member. :) Boram is the eldest but physical wise, she is the youngest hands down.

Qri has big round eyes and a mole on her nose. It might be hard to distinguish her but Qri always had the longest hair at most times.

Soyeon is the main vocalist of the group and she basically sings most of the choruses in T-ara's songs. Soyeon has big eyes as well but as of now, she normally sport a short hair look and she sings the most, so yes, it's hard not to see her ;)

Then, they released their debut single, simply titled "Lies". When I first watched the music video, I couldn't figure out who was who and the only one I could remember was Hyomin.

The music video features actor Yoo Seung Ho who has a striking resemblance to actor So Ji Sub. And it is definitely even more confusing that most of the girls had long hair. It was so hard to tell who was who at first.

If the girl on the far most right looks unfamiliar, oh well, it is Eunjung with long hair. Yes, she has short hair now but I do miss seeing her long hair at times. :)

Then, TTL was released and oh my gosh, was it amazing. It was a collaboration between T-ara and Supernova, their labelmate and four members of T-ara was featured. This was when Eunjung cut her long luscious hair for a more strong and mature look.

The collaboration was a huge success and it gave T-ara the exposure they needed. Do check it out if you haven't. It is a fantastic collaboration track!

Then, T-ara most popular track was released. What, you ask? Bo Peep Bo Peep of course. :D That song wasn't that much appealing to me at first but after a few plays, man was it stuck in my head. Bo Peep Bo Peep was also the song that earned T-ara their first win on music programs. ;)

They also have another title track titled "Like The First Time" which is sexy and classy and really showcases T-ara's ability to transform into cute little kittens and then into seductive mature ladies. This song, in my personal opinion was very much underrated and didn't obtain the proper recognition it deserved.

Then, my favourite T-ara song was released, I Go Crazy Because Of You. It was a very sexy and appealing dance song and you could really noticed the transformation from their previous album.

This is the very sexy music video. Caution! It might be too hot! :P

The second title track, I'm Really Hurt showcases T-ara as boyish girls dressed in tuxedos and fedoras. Now, not only fan boys are happy, even fan girls are. :)

This is the music video which got all fan girls swooning over the boyish T-ara members! :)

Moving on, their next two title tracks was "Why Are You Being Like This?" and "Yayaya". You'll notice how T-ara has a pattern of promoting two title tracks at once. This time, a new member was added. She reportedly has a twin sister and her sister debuted in 5dolls, a group derived from Coed School, T-ara's juniors. Hwayoung has big eyes and she mainly raps in T-ara. I've been using the big eyes line thrice now. *chuckles*

This is music video for "Why Are You Being Like This"

And this is the music video for "Yayaya"

This is Hwayoung and as of now, she sports a short hair as well. :)

Then, the very popular song, Roly-Poly was released. This was followed by Cry Cry, Lovey-Dovey and their current impending comeback song, Day by Day.

If you haven't heard Roly-Poly yet, then I have no idea how you don't. It is so popular and catchy that everyone decided to learn the dance moves. T-ara went literally retro with this song and caught everyone's attention with their fancy moves! :)

Cry Cry had a completely different feel from Roly-Poly and the music video featured actor Cha Seung Won who is so smexy by the way! :P

This is the music video for Cry Cry ;)

And this is the handsome Cha Seung Won :P

Next up, Lovey-Dovey had the shuffle dance moves instead and got everyone busy on their feet! :)

And of course, here we are now, awaiting for their impending comeback track! Two new members are going to be added and from what I read online, the title track "Day by Day" is going to be absolutely fantastic. It was reportedly leaked by an unknown source and the video was up on various sites before it was taken down.

T-ara would be making a comeback in July so yes, I am very much anticipating their comeback! :) Are you?