Saturday, July 7, 2012


That's right, 2NE1 are back. :D Their latest music video was released yesterday and I only had the time to check it out today! :) As always, I'll start off with a short intro!

This was during their debut days! :)

SO BA. Their debut single, Fire was probably the most memorable debut for me. It was strong and so charismatic. :)

Since there are only 4 girls in 2NE1, it's rather easy to identify them. :)

First off, we have the very charismatic leader of the group, CL ;) She is so BA, lol, that seeing this picture is rather ironic. XD This picture shows that CL is cute as well. ;) I always thought that her eyes were her biggest assets. That, and her rap of course.

Next, we have the very gorgeous Dara ;) She has always been known for her very bizarre hairstyles so I'm putting up this picture of her to show that Dara also dons normal hairdos. :)
Her younger brother, MBLAQ's Thunder is also very charming. A beautiful pair of siblings indeed.

Thirdly, we have Bom. Her vocals are astounding and she is also known for her doll like face. :) She is so fair too! *_* Bom has also released several solo tracks such as You and I and Don't Cry ;)

Lastly, we have the very cute maknae of the group, Minzy. :) She is the lead dancer and is extremely BA as well. *_*

Let's get back to the mv now, shall we? :) So the mv starts off with CL lying on the bed with these words being said in the background.

When you feel like there's no way out, love is the only way.

And then, it switches to Minzy instead, singing the first few lines of the song.

As she sang her lines, CL follows after with a I said OOHHH~~~ which is very very addictive! This eventually leads to the chorus where Bom sings I Love You and the music video shows every member in the car, dressed up fashionably and looking gorgeous! I shall only include this very pretty picture of Dara simply because including each member would spoil the music video for you beautiful people! :)

Then Dara takes over the next part and her hair. OMG. HER HAIR. SERIOUSLY. How does she look so good with that hair? Honestly!

The music video then shows Bom looking so pretty singing as she sit on the bed. Seriously. How can she look so pretty just posing like that? *_* Someone explain to me how she does this.

Then the girls are shown sitting in the train as the song progresses and CL is looking so fine. ;)

Epic GIF ahead. Be warned! Here we have CL singing while dancing so sexily in a black outfit. OMG. *_* Look at all that swag!

CL, CL, CL. How much swag do you actually have? Sighs. Go on, unleash them every single time you girls make a comeback. Make me faint everytime I watch you. =_=

All in all, I really liked how 2NE1 stuck to their style. I heard the audio of this song beforehand and was rather impressed by the addictive melody throughout the whole song. I liked how the spotlight is evenly given to each member, though I am most amazed by CL's swag and Dara's hair.

I've been a longtime fan of 2NE1, from their first debut single Fire up until now. I thought that the Can't Nobody music video was BA. Oh well, I was wrong. I Love You just took over that spot. :) I still can't get that OOHH~~~ part out of my head. It's addictive, just like the chorus, I Love You.

Therefore, I highly recommend you beautiful people to check this amazing song out asap! 2NE1 are just oozing with confidence and charisma. This is a must listen track for any kpop fans! *_*

Here's the music video if you haven't checked it out already! ;) Enjoy!

Thursday, July 5, 2012



I think anyone who has read my blog would have taken notice of my ultra mega big love for these girls. :) They are finally back and the music video was phenomenal. Seriously, it blew my mind.

Since I had already introduced the girls in my previous post about their impending comeback, I shall just start spazzing about the music video right away! ^_^ Do bear with me though since the mv is about 10 mins so this review would be slightly longer than my previous reviews! :)

The music video begins with an intriguing introduction, written in Korean which meaning are written below ;)

Mankind wanted to wear God's clothes
They wanted to speak like God and rule like God
However, God didn't tolerate the thoughts of those humans
In the destroyed world, humans became more like animals than animals
They took swords and tried to rule over one another and thus began to slaughter among themselves
Then, one day,
Rumors started going around that there was one girl with special powers among them...

And who is that one girl you ask? Why, its Dani of course! :D

Oh look, Suzy is even in the mv! ^_^ nah, I kid, I kid. Dani does look a lot like Suzy though.

It is then implied that Dani was blind (this was clearly obvious when Dani couldn't see the rabbit that was hopping nearby) and that Hyomin is her sister. The two seems to be the very few survivors in the destroyed world and the music video shows the two together, very much happy and jolly.

Dani is so pretty here I can't even fathom how much I like her now. *_*

Then the most hottest villain appeared. Who else? T-ara's original maknae, Jiyeon. :) She looks so BA here with her gang of men. She is seen looking for Dani as she held a picture of her in her hand, going around asking if they had seen her. The poor man died after he denied seeing her.

Then the music video shows Hyomin holding the crossbow, trying to shoot a pigeon but however, she failed cutely. It's okay Hyomin. There's always Eunjung to hunt for you.

Then we are brought back to a scene where a man was runnning for his life before getting surrounded by Queen Jiyeon and her huntsman.

Look at that smirk. LOL. wouldn't you surrender to Jiyeon as well? :) She then asked the man about Dani once more and when he didn't answer, Queen Jiyeon just left and let her huntsman do the killing. Like a boss, ya know?

Then, of course, it reverted back to the sisters where Hyomin brings the really cute rabbit for Dani to touch and feel since she couldn't see the rabbit.

I don't know who is cuter. Dani looking so adorably lost or the really cute rabbit.

Then the two take off to some place where they got ambushed by who else? Yes, Queen Jiyeon and her huntsman. Bingo.

Since Dani is blind, Hyomin had to defend the two of them among well 15329 men. Nah, I'm just exaggerating. They were clearly outnumbered and the chances of survival was very faint. In fact, I thought Hyomin would die here and she really did. Well, almost.

And as Hyomin bravely defended the two of them, Queen Jiyeon is seen relaxing in her car, looking all pretty and classy.

After much fighting, the huntsman stabbed Hyomin twice and took Dani away. Queen Jiyeon is very much pleased.

A mysterious man then approached Hyomin and took the sword out and carried her away. I was hoping it would be Eunjung coming to Hyomin's rescue but oh wells, this would do anyways.

Queen Jiyeon had poor Dani locked up in a cell and here, we see Dani's powers unleashed as a fragment of the glass broke when her eyes turned blue. This was supposedly triggered when Queen Jiyeon tried to entice her to think that she was Hyomin instead by calling her name sweetly a number of times.

While this was happening, Hyomin was being treated at a safehouse by that unknown man and had a vision of Dani being taken away in a fantasy like visual.

Then we are led to a scene where Dani was tied up to a big machine, following behind Queen Jiyeon and her huntsman as they went on a killing spree.

Soon after, we are brought back to Hyomin in the safehouse and the startling words of Day by Day by T-ara , TO BE CONTINUED.

There was a preview of the next part which basically shows Hyomin being alive once more and getting better at sword fighting and Eunjung finally making an appearance! :D The last few 5 minutes were behind the scenes footage which I enjoyed watching very much.

It shows the girls practicing diligently and their word of thanks were shown on the screen from the three aces of T-ara, Jiyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin. ;)

All in all, I ENJOYED THE MUSIC VIDEO very much! Seriously. This is by far the most amazing and well told music video I have ever seen. There wasn't too much gore nor was there too much emotional storyline going on. The plot is simple.

Dani is special and Queen Jiyeon wants her so everyone has to die, including Hyomin as well because Queen Jiyeon is BA like that. Yeah, I just summarized the whole 10 min music video into one sentence. But honestly speaking, I wasn't keen on seeing Dani in the music video at first. She is only 14 after all. I think almost everyone, including me, had a change of heart after watching her act in the music video.

She truly befits the character and played it well. Too well that she seems very mature for her age. The weirdest thing is, Dani isn't going to be promoting with them for this comeback so it's a shame that I have wait so long to see her on stage with the rest of the girls.

In conclusion, I really really loved this music video so much that I am having it on replay non stop! :) The rest of the songs on the album are also very much commendable. One of my favourite tracks is Don't Leave besides the very epic Day by Day of course. It is a heart wrenching ballad which was also played during the music video. Soyeon's voice is amazingly wonderful in this song by the way. Flawless.

This is the music video by the way, if you peeps haven't watched it already. ;)

Lastly, I would like to end this review on a happy note by sharing Dani's gorgeous smile with all of you beautiful people. Tadah! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

KPOP: 4minute's Volume Up MV

I know this is a lil late but I really should do a review on this song. :/ Besides, its 4minute and I have yet to do an introduction about them! :D Now, let's get started! ^_^

This was during their debut days ;)

This is during their Huh days. :) HyunA looks fantastic here btw. :)

The girls of 4minute have very similar names but they look very different from one another as each has their own charm so that's fairly interesting. :)

First off, we have the leader of the group, Jihyun ;)

Next up, we have Gayoon, the exotic beauty of 4minute and the extremely talented vocalist! :)

This is Jiyoon, 4minute's powerful vocalist! :D She normally sports a short hairdo so its easy to distinguish her from the rest! :)

This is HYUNA. KIM HYUNA. If you don't know who she is, please, please, tell me you're joking. XD Seriously! She's my bias in 4minute and this girl is smoking hot! :) I especially like her raps and her solo songs. ;)

Last but not least, we have Sohyun, the maknae of the group! :D She always had this cute image in my eyes until she started rapping in I My Me Mine and then I was like, this is 4minute's cute maknae? O_O wow, what a transformation. Well, her rap skills are great! *_*

Anyways, back to the mv, when the mv started playing and a girl was strutting her way down the hall, I was like, that must be HyunA. Indeed, I was right. X) The close up on her tattoo and the amazingly sexy turn she did definitely screams KIM HYUNA. All hail, HyunA! :) And then the really soothing tune starts playing and my anticipation grew!

Stop hypnotizing me, HyunA >_<

It started off with HyunA singing and then there was this very seductive scene of her with her backup dancers getting all touchy and my eyes went this big, O_O. No kidding. >_<

Then we have HyunA rapping as Gayoon hits a high note and it builds up to a chorus where Jiyoon takes over! :)

I wasn't a big fan of this song at first but yes, like all songs do, it grew on me. ;) I liked how 4minute kept their style just like how INFINITE kept their signature style with 'The Chaser' This song really shows the maturity of the girls progressing from teenage girls into elegant ladies ;)

I've been listening to 4minute from their debut days so I must say, I liked their progress from day 1 up until now. Their comebacks has thus far exceeded my expectations and I look forward to more of their comebacks! :)

All in all, I liked this song a lot and I would highly recommend this song to any 4minute fan! ;) This is definitely a must listen track for any 4Nia! :D

Last but not least, here's the music video for you beautiful people to watch! :)